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Sign the Safe Driver Pledge.

Add your name to the Safe Driver Pledge to show your commitment to safe, responsible driving.

Be among the first people to
sign the Safe Driver Pledge

The Safe Driver Pledge is a new tool developed in partnership with law enforcement and insurance agencies to reflect the most important commitments to make when operating a motor vehicle. Adding your name shows your commitment to safe driving and helps SafeRoadsMD show grassroots support for our mission and vision.

Safe Driver Pledge

  1. Drive no faster than posted speed limits, not drive aggressively, nor tailgate.

  2. Never drive under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or other drugs, or while tired.

  3. Allow no distractions while driving, especially my mobile phone.

  4. Insist on buckling up, every seat, every time.

  5. Completely stop for pedestrians about to enter marked or unmarked crosswalks.

  6. Only pass bicyclists by a minimum 3-foot distance or greater.

  7. Obey red, yellow and flashing yellow lights.

  8. Never pass a school bus with lights flashing and STOP arm extended (unless a physical barrier is present.)

  9. Move over or slow down when approaching ANY stopped, standing or parked vehicle displaying warning signals.

  10. Completely stop before legally turning right on a red light signal.

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