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SafeRoadsMD Supports 2024 HB 601 Bill to Deter Exhibition Driving Throughout Maryland

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan and legendary Annapolis lobbyist Bruce Bereano connect with SafeRoadsMD’s John Seng and John Becker after all testified in favor of Del. Mary Lehman’s 2024 HB 601 bill to deter exhibition driving throughout Maryland. In previous years, Ocean City leaders creatively drafted and enforced stronger laws to drive out criminal street takeovers that threatened the vacation community’s legacy as a family-fun, peaceful, mid-Atlantic shore destination and home. 

Board members John Seng (L) and John Becker (R) also visited Del. Mary Lehman’s Chief of Staff Mary Jane Coolen in February while lobbying in the Maryland General Assembly for Del. Lehman’s bill to deter exhibition driving and/or street takeovers throughout Maryland municipalities. 

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