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SafeRoadsMD works with and across government and traffic safety organizations to effectively mobilize grassroots support for Maryland traffic safety.


SafeRoadsMD pursues its goal of improving traffic safety in Maryland through a variety of research and advocacy projects together with other traffic safety and government organizations.

State Advocacy

Petitions the State of Maryland legislative and executive branches to increase deterrence to unsafe driving and promote greater public compliance with current motor vehicle laws.


Prepares, submits, and delivers written and oral testimony to Maryland General Assembly, county and municipal hearings.


Recruits additional concerned organizations and individuals as volunteers for outreach activities.

Law Enforcement

Meets with statewide anc county law enforcement agency leadership to register concerns, discuss collaborative remedies and how to expand relationships.

Local Organizations

Works with local civic organizations, eg, Route 210 Traffic Safety Committee and the Greater Olney Civic Association (GOCA) to present our positions, as well as prepare and submit draft resolutions to support speed cameras on local roads and highways.

State Government

Maintains an ongoing dialogue with Maryland State transportation authorities (such as the Maryland Transportation Authority and the Maryland Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office) leadership to address excess speed and noise concerns. Writes and submits correspondence.

Social Media

Manages social media and traditional public communications and news media outreach (including, @SafeRoadsMD Twitter, the SafeRoadsMD Facebook group as well as with SafeRoadsMD Coalition members via email.)

Local Government

Manages relationships with local city and county municipal roadway safety responsible parties as well as independent advocacy organizations (eg, AAA Mid-Atlantic) representatives.


Participates in public events conducted by partner organizations.

SafeRoadsMD in Action

SafeRoadsMD shows up at government and community events to support Maryland road safety.

How Your Donation Helps

1 . Research

Hire a public policy graduate student intern to conduct research on recruiting family/victim spokespersons. (Approximately 5,500 people have died on Maryland roads in the past 10 years. The daughter of our Board member Kenniss Henry is one of those victims, killed by a drunk driver - approximately 12 years ago.)

2 . Safe Driver Pledge Promotion

Fund a pilot project to launch/test market the Safe Driver Pledge, producing and distributing bumper stickers as part of the Pledge to drive safely and discourage tailgating.

3 . Digital Marketing

Fund a $500 budget for digital outreach and other online development.

4. Reimbursements

Reimburse for modest expenses such as business cards, educational materials and non-profit filing fees. All our Board members are unpaid volunteers and receive no compensation other than reimbursement for approved expenses. 



Help us make Maryland roads safer for everyone!

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