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Kennis Henry

Board Member

About Kenniss

Ms. Henry began her outspoken community activism on her college campus when she and a group of students successfully lobbied campus administration to incorporate African Studies into the curriculum.

Her Social Justice advocacy continued beyond graduation when she was selected to join a small elite team of recent HBCU (historically black college or university) graduates to support the New Jersey State Agency Desegregation Team.


Ms. Henry was assigned to the NJ Department of Labor’s Camden Department of Employment Services where she worked to bring about the desegregation of the agency, add diversity of staff and support total state integration efforts of all agencies. During this period, while not a member, she was a strong supporter of several social activist efforts in Philadelphia to include support for both the Black Panthers and the Move People for Justice effort. In later years, Kenniss joined the ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) movement, where she remained active until they were dismantled.


In 2010, after the tragic and untimely death of her daughter, Natasha Pettigrew, Ms. Henry lobbied for a stronger Maryland Vehicular Manslaughter Law and successfully witnessed the bill signed into law. She has continued her advocacy for Vehicular Manslaughter justice and community change to generate greater awareness for shared road resources for street and highway safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

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