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SafeRoadsMD is a 501c(4) dedicated to improving Maryland road safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Our Vision.

  1. Reduce motor vehicle-associated mortality and injury in the State of Maryland from an average 550 deaths per year to zero.

  2. Pursue a goal of Maryland as the State with the safest roads in the US for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

  3. Transform public apathy, ignorance or disregard about dangerous speed and motor vehicle operation towards a healthy mindset of respect for others; and recognition of and intolerance for criminal violence on Maryland roads.


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Our Mission.

SafeRoadsMD, the Maryland Coalition For Roadway Safety, Inc., seeks to grow and leverage a strong and passionate base of advocates who have lost loved ones due to automobile crashes; as well as members of the public who are concerned about safety for all on Maryland roadways.

The Coalition educates and motivates Maryland and local government  officials, agencies, advocacy organizations, employers, community groups, other influencers and – most of all – the public to promote and adopt increased safety behavior on roads.

Who We Are.

SafeRoadsMD is a group of citizens passionate about road safety. SafeRoadsMD is led by a seven-member board of directors who each brings their own perspective and skills to promoting Maryland road safety.

Our History.

Thousands of concerned people throughout Maryland post long strings of complaints on social media. But we all could just keep commenting on and “liking” posts, or truly motivated people could actually begin to do something to repair Maryland road violence.

So we did.


We formed SafeRoadsMD (Maryland Coalition for Roadway Safety, Inc.), a new movement of concerned organizations and citizens advocating for positive change in the Maryland motoring experience. We are incorporated in Maryland and designated 501(c)(4) tax-exempt as a social welfare organization by the Internal Revenue Service.


Founding organizations include the American Automobile Association (AAA) Mid-Atlantic, the Route 210 Traffic Safety Committee, the Greater Olney Civic Association (GOCA) and a group of Maryland homeowner associations.


We’ve made good progress since we began meeting in Summer 2020. We’re recruiting additional members and organizations from across Maryland.

SRM Board Meeting - John, John, Kennis, Ron, Rev Screen.jpg

Maryland Coalition for Roadway Safety, Inc. (SafeRoadsMD) board members convene in Wheaton, MD for the

April 11, 2023 board meeting. Pictured in the front row is Kenniss Henry, with (L-R) John Seng, John Becker, Ron Weiss and Reverend Dr. Robert Screen.



Help us make Maryland roads safer for everyone!

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