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Advocating for Safer Maryland Roads

612 People Killed on Maryland Roads in 2024 Is Not A Problem. It's A Crisis.

Fueling the Crisis

Fed up with excessive, dangerous speeding on Maryland highways and other roads? Have you lost a loved one or been injured yourself by perpetrators of roadway violence or carelessness? Annoyed or too often bullied by tailgaters? Tired of excruciatingly loud vehicles of all kinds throughout the day and night assaulting your communities?

Road safety is a pressing issue in Maryland, with thousands of lives lost and injuries sustained every year. According to Zero Deaths Maryland and the Maryland Department of Transportation MVA Highway Safety Office, the numbers are concerning, with around 550 deaths and over 45,500 injuries annually between 2017 and 2023.

There are various factors contributing to this problem, from post-pandemic stress to a lack of enforcement and respect for road laws. It doesn’t have to continue. Road safety is a complex issue, so instead of pointing fingers it's essential to come together to find solutions.

Join SafeRoadsMD to stem the death toll. And help protect you, your family, friends and everyone attempting to walk, bike or drive along Maryland roads.

An Average Year on Maryland Roads

What We Believe

Are these issues of speeding and noise becoming more prevalent?

It certainly seems that way. Experts we've consulted acknowledge the concerning statistics but struggle to grasp why and how to effectively address the rising tide of road-related incidents.

However, here's some compelling evidence we've uncovered: Maryland's penalties for dangerous and illegal driving behaviors are notably lenient compared to neighboring areas. Violations such as intentionally obscured license plates, reckless driving, participation in speed contests, illegal modifications to exhaust systems, and repeated instances of driving under the influence often result in minimal consequences.

For instance, individuals caught speeding on high-speed roads like the MD200 InterCounty Connector in Montgomery County or Route 210 in Prince George's and Charles Counties at speeds exceeding 175mph receive the same fine as someone driving just 12mph over the posted speed limit. This hardly serves as a deterrent. In reality, these light penalties merely represent an occasional inconvenience for those who exploit Maryland's roads for convenience, thrills, or due to poor judgment—often leading to dangerous situations like DUIs. Unfortunately, it's the law-abiding majority that bears the brunt of the consequences.

Where's the deterrence in this scenario? What will it take to spur lawmakers into action and awaken more drivers to confront the pressing crisis before us? These are questions that demand urgent attention and thoughtful solutions.


Maryland Roads Are More Dangerous Than Ever.
How Can We Change That?

"A driver’s 10-cent decision-making produces egregious speeding, DUIs, distracted driving and more. It’s not just what we spend on brick and mortar roadway infrastructure. What do we invest in building responsible, accountable drivers everywhere?"

Reverend Dr. Robert L. Screen, SafeRoadsMD Board Member

The Solution

It’s all about deterrence and education. Discouraging speeding and noise. Making speeding and distracted driving uncool. Promoting safety and quality of life.

We’re working with elected officials in Annapolis and in counties across Maryland, as well as local municipalities and agencies, to change policy and modernize motor vehicle operation laws and sanctions for serious violations.


We’re also working with county, state and transportation police to encourage their collaboration and more effective highways and roadways law enforcement. Also, we’re working to explore more effective warnings on signage and safe driver education on the roadways themselves.


Next, we collaborate with other local and regional advocacy organizations focused on street safety, bicycling and pedestrian advocacy.

It’s for the safety of our families and friends. And for staying alive in Maryland roads.



Help us make Maryland roads safer for everyone!

About SafeRoadsMD

SafeRoadsMD (Maryland Coalition for Roadway Safety, Inc.) is a 501c(4) organization dedicated to improving Maryland road safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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What We Do

SafeRoadsMD works with and across government and traffic safety organizations to effectively mobilize grassroots support for Maryland traffic safety.



Add your name to the Safe Driver Pledge to show your commitment to safe, responsible driving.

Support our work.

SafeRoadsMD pursues its goal of improving traffic safety in Maryland through a variety of research and advocacy projects together with other traffic safety and government organizations.

Get to Know Us

We are concerned citizens advocating for positive change in the Maryland motoring experience.

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